Geo 9 – Addition

ADDITION:  3, 4, and 5 Cells ADD to specified Number.

3 cell Orange Group:  Cells Sum  to 15.

GEO9-MATH-3A-1       GEO9-MATH-3A-2       GEO9-MATH-3A-3

GEO9-MATH-3A-4      GEO9-MATH-3A-5       GEO9-MATH-3A-6

4 cell Orange Group:  Cells Sum  to 20.

GEO9-MATH-4A-1      GEO9-MATH-4A-2       GEO9-MATH-4A-3

GEO9-MATH-4A-4       GEO9-MATH-4A-5        GEO9-MATH-4A-6

5 cell Orange Group:  Cells Sum  to 25. 

GEO9-MATH-5A-1       GEO9-MATH-5A-2       GEO9-MATH-5A-3

GEO9-MATH-5A-4        GEO9-MATH-5A-5       GEO9-MATH-5A-6

3, 4, 5 cells  Orange Group:  Cells Sum  to 15, 20, 25.

GEO9-MATH-345A-1       GEO9-MATH-345A-2


These ( 9 by 9 ) Puzzles:  No Repeat Numbers in any

Row, Column or Geometric Shape.

3 cell Orange Group:  Cells Sum to 15.

G-9-ADD3-1         G-9-ADD3-2         G-9-ADD3-3

G-9-ADD3-4         G-9-ADD3-5         G-9-ADD3-6

4 cell Group:  Cells Sum to same number per puzzle.

G-9-ADD4-1         G-9-ADD4-2        G-9-ADD4-3

G-9-ADD4-4         G-9-ADD4-5        G-9-ADD4-6

G-9-ADD4-7         G-9-ADD4-8        G-9-ADD4-9

G-9-ADD4-10       G-9-ADD4-11      G-9-ADD4-12

G-9-ADD4-13       G-9-ADD4-14