Geometric 10

Ten Numbers, 10 x 10 Grid

Geo-10-1           Geo-10-2            Geo-10-3

Geo-10-4           Geo-10-5            Geo-10-6

Geo-10-7           Geo-10-8            Geo-10-9

Geo-10-10         Geo-10-11          Geo-10-12

Ten Numbers, Xed Out Cells, 12 x 12 Grid

LEARN-HOW-TO-DO-PUZZLES  ( #’s 1 to 10 )

Geo-10-X-1        Geo-10-X-2        Geo-10-X-3

Geo-10-X-4        Geo-10-X-5        Geo-10-X-6

Geo-10-X-7        Geo-10-X-8        Geo-10-X-9 


Geo-10-X-11      Geo-10-X-12

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